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Hi everyone!! Vans here!! Just a little bit about me and why I joined B.A.P! 
At 13 years old my 7-year journey with addiction started. I had an older significant other who would use with me. I was getting taken advantage of, and as a child, I just thought it was pretty cool being able to hang out with adults who wanted to do drugs with me. 
It was a long road to recovery. But, I’m 2 years sober and I have a  beautiful baby boy, & a loving fiancé. 

Children are preyed on every day, they don’t understand how things could affect the rest of their life. They need adults to protect them. & that’s exactly what B.A.P is for me, saving children and their future.

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Hey guys it’s Z, When I was 18 I was sexually assaulted at work, it definitely messed me up. So for me to join B.A.P is a way for me to know that I’m keeping a child or young adult safe. Being involved with little league and taking on the responsibilities of watching over almost 5 thousand kids seems big in itself. Being a part of B.A.P has been something to be super proud of knowing we all share a passion for saving our children. We love all the support we receive.  We love you guys!

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Hey everyone, this scroggy. A little bit about me and why i joined B.A.P. My family has owned the same Northern Indiana farm since 1878 miles away from town. Where from 1878 till the 1920's my great great grandfather and great grandfather were members of a 35 man protective organization that kept crime out of area and farms safe before the roads were built and police were able to get to us I was raised by my grandparents, 2-world war 2 veterans, great uncle Fort wayne police officer, my father a purple heart Vietnam Marine. My mother a devoted Christian that devoted her life to helping others huge focus on youth and children. Since having my 1st born die in my arms i have always been protective of my children. Between Going to events with my mom and having a ex that was sexual molested. I have heard 25 plus stories and spent months talking about emotions and the way those experiences affected there lives, all with the same outcome. No one was charged, swept under the table or no one believed them. I joined B.A.P because i believe in there Mission, the professionalism of how they conduct themselves, not just yell and cuss. To hope that when i leave this world, that the work i did with them will even make even it 1% safer for my kids

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Hi friends! Cali here :) As a survivor of childhood sexual assault, joining BAP was a no-brainer. Being a little girl I was too scared to tell anyone what was repeatedly happening to me. I grew into an adult carrying this awful secret, not knowing just how negatively it would impact my life. Now that I am a momma of 2 young kiddos, it's my responsibility to love and protect them. After becoming a mom, that childhood trauma suddenly transformed into strength and a passion for protecting children all over the globe. It's also about educating parents and guardians, and showing them how they can keep their kids safe in todays ever evolving world of technology. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting B.A.P, this is all possible because of you. And to all my fellow survivors; you are loved, you are strong, and you are not alone. #AlwaysKeepFighting    

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Hey y’all, Southern Belle here. I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing team. At age 12 I was robbed of my innocence. I blamed myself and was angry that no one shielded me from harm. Two decades later, I finally married & had children. But my fairy tale ended when I found myself in an abusive marriage. I refused to raise children in that environment so I quite literally escaped with my littles. A short while later I found out my ex-husband had raped a real child. I wanted to give up but instead I vowed to spend my life trying to protect other women and children from harm. I’m no longer a victim, I’m a survivor and I give God all the glory! To those who support our mission, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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